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Currently no beta versions available.

  WebSite-Watcher 2017 (17.0) final 17-Feb-2017 changes
  Local Website Archive 2012 (12.2) final 04-Jul-2012 changes
  AM-Notebook 6.2 final 18-Oct-2011 changes
  Portable Start Menu 3.2 final 15-Sep-2010 changes

WebSite-Watcher / Changes
Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

2017 (17.0) final
  • Reported bugs fixed

2017 (17.0) Beta-3
  • [+] New option "Don't display images" (in: Bookmark properties + Advanced + Images). Use that option if images overlap other areas in the page.
  • [x] Absolute links are now correctly created for links GoogleGroups
  • [x] Improved caclulation of absolute link addresses
  • [x] AutoWatch countdown calculation optimized. If WebSite-Watcher checks a single bookmark every second, it could happen that the countown was 2 seconds. Now it should always be 1 second.
  • [-] RSS feed postings could have the wrong character encoding under certain circumstances
  • [-] Export statistics to Excel: First row was not exported
  • Smaller fixes

2017 (17.0) Beta-2
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Advanced + Open page: Option to always open the checked bookmark in your external browser. You can use that option if opening a bookmark crashes the internal browser.
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved. Website-Watcher can follow more kind of links
  • [x] Improved KeePass support when the internal browser is maximized
  • [-] Large bookmarks could take a very long time to open (beta-1 issue)

2017 (17.0) Beta-1
  • [+] Abitlity to run multiple instances of WebSite-Watcher on the same PC. To run a second instance of WebSite-Watcher, you have to install a second copy of WebSite-Watcher as portable edition into a separate folder which can then be started and executed simultaneously to the first installation.
  • [+] Cloud Sync: New feature to synchronize a bookmark database via the Cloud or a local/network drive. For example if you use WebSite-Watcher on your PC and on your notebook, you can easily synchronize your bookmark database via the Cloud. All data stored in the Cloud is encrypted with AES-256. This feature replaces the old Synchronize feature that was available in WebSite-Watcher 2016 and prior.
  • [+] The bookmark actions "Send e-mail" and "Open bookmark" no longer need the action "Mark as read" when the bookmarks aren't opened within WebSite-Watcher. This work flow is now detected and handled automatically by WebSite-Watcher. A missing "Mark as read" action was often the culprit of a wrong behavior when sending out e-mails. To disable that new automatism, you can use the program tweak: ActionsAutomaticallyMarkAsRead=0
  • [+] Send e-mail in text format + attach files: WSW now creates a ZIP file with related CSS/image files and attaches the ZIP (instead of just the HTML files without CSS/image files). The old behavior to send just HTML files without CSS/images can be enabled with the program tweak: ActionsSendMailAttachAsZip=0
  • [+] Script: New command CloudSync to synchronize bookmarks via Cloud
  • [+] Performance improvement on certain PCs when checking bookmarks, especially on PCs without SSD
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher supports images that are embedded in the source web pages or RSS feeds
  • [+] RSS/Atom feeds - Black/Whitelist: Button "Test selected line"
  • [x] RSS/Atom feeds: Improved detection and auto-correction of errors in RSS feeds
  • [+] Bookmark properties / user defined User Agent: Easy way to set Chrome or Firefox as User Agent. This will insert the vairables {chrome} or {firefox} which will then be replaced by the correct user agent when the bookmark are checked.
  • [+] Tools + Test server: Ping and Trace Route commands to test the availability of a server
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Test server (drop down menu on the right side of the URL field): Ping and Trace Route commands to test the availability of a server
  • [+] LinkedIn pages automatically use the check technology "Internet Explorer/Browser"
  • [+] Sending e-mails: process can be aborted
  • [x] Executing scripts: Script errors are displayed in the WebSite-Watcher main window, for example when a defined target folder does not exist
  • [x] Opening the bookmark properties with Alt+Enter no longer causes a sound
  • [x] CSS filters improved (did not work in combination with certain HTML tags)
  • [+] Download Manager: Shortcut "Del" to delete selected items
  • [+] Plugins: New function "StringList_RemoveDuplicates"
  • [-] WSW could crash when checking pages with changed SVG images
  • [-] Keywords feature in Virtual Folders did not work for locally saved files and FTP files
  • [+] MiniBrowser: Executing check macros can be aborted
  • [+] If the internal browser is maximized, the password manager KeePass can be used to insert user/password into web pages (page title and URL are placed in the window title bar with is required for the KeePass autofill mechanism)
  • [x] Default shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+0 changed to Ctrl+9 (since Ctrl+Shift+0 can be used as global shortcut by Windows)
  • [x] Highlighting keywords in the Analyze tab improved
  • [x] Filter system: hellip character correctly supported
  • [x] Improved compatibility with Win10/IE11
  • [-] Sending e-mails: Underscore character was stripped from e-mail subjects
  • Smaller improvements and optimizations

Local Website Archive / Changes
History of Local Website Archive

AM-Notebook / Changes
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Portable Start Menu / Changes
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