Beta Section
Note: these versions are beta versions, not official releases!

  WebSite-Watcher 2014 (14.2) final 11-Sept-2014 changes
  Local Website Archive 2012 (12.2) final 04-Jul-2012 changes
  AM-Notebook 6.2 final 18-Oct-2011 changes
  Portable Start Menu 3.2 final 15-Sep-2010 changes
  AM-DeadLink 4.3 final 10-Sep-2010 changes

WebSite-Watcher / Changes
Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 14.2 contains many internal changes because we updated to a new compiler version. With that move, we also updated or replaced several third party components which were no longer under development.

2014 (14.2) final
  • [+] Scripting language: new function "GetLastCheckUpdatedBookmarkCount"
  • [+] Send e-mails: Header "X-Mailer" is no longer used in e-mails sent by WebSite-Watcher
  • [+] Bookmark properties / RSS feed analysis: Link URL is displayed
  • [+] Atom feeds: GUID is now used (this will cause a false positive when Atom feeds are checked the first time with the new version)
  • [-] Bookmark properties / RSS / Keep the most recent X articles: Option did not work correctly for Atom feeds (only for RSS feeds)
  • [-] View + Log file + Deleted filter: Filters were displayed in a single line, new filters are now added again in new lines
  • [-] Bookmark properties + Convert Unicode URLs: Some conversion fixes/improvements
  • [-] Fix a bug where defined CSS filters were deleted falsely

2014 (14.2) Beta-3
  • [-] Navigation in bookmark list and report window didn't work correctly
  • Minor bugs fixed

2014 (14.2) Beta-2
  • [-] Send mail: Option AutoSSL didn't work for certain servers
  • [-] FTP didn't work correctly for certain addresses

2014 (14.2) Beta-1
  • [+] New option to optionally disable toolbar tooltips
  • [+] Plugins: "Bookmark_Setproperty" can read/write the bookmark note
  • [+] Plugins: "Bookmark_Setproperty" can write the bookmark name
  • [+] Checking PDF files with Internet Explorer Macros
  • [+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It's possible to predefine the option "Suppress frameset warning"
  • [+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It's possible to predefine the option "Ignore message: whole content filtered"
  • [+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It's possible to predefine the options "Checking method", "file type" and "character set"
  • [x] Improved detection if bookmarks with check technology "Internet Explorer/Browser" have an error 404/page not found
  • [x] Improved detection if entered regular expressions are correct, WebSite-Watcher also show a warning when regular expressions will exceed internal memory limits due to massive backtracking
  • [x] Special filter / minimum number of changes: Max value increased from 99 to 999
  • [x] Re-creating database from cache folder improved
  • [x] Improved detection of database problems and corrupted databases
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [x] Tweak "PerformCheckOnlyIfUrlExists" improved -
  • [x] Improved: stopping AutoWatch while a check is running (could take a long time in previous versions)
  • [+] json files are automatically handled as text files
  • [x] internal: sending e-mails rewritten
  • [x] internal: checking FTP files rewritten
  • [x] internal: checking newsgroup rewritten
  • [x] internal: backup system rewritten
  • [-] Problems with yahoo smtp servers fixed

Local Website Archive / Changes
History of Local Website Archive

AM-Notebook / Changes
History of AM-Notebook

Portable Start Menu / Changes
History of Portable Start Menu

AM-DeadLink / Changes
History of AM-DeadLink

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