Beta Section
Note: these versions are beta versions, not official releases!

  WebSite-Watcher 2015 (15.0) final 27-Feb-2015 changes
  Local Website Archive 2012 (12.2) final 04-Jul-2012 changes
  AM-Notebook 6.2 final 18-Oct-2011 changes
  Portable Start Menu 3.2 final 15-Sep-2010 changes
  AM-DeadLink 4.3 final 10-Sep-2010 changes

WebSite-Watcher / Changes
Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

2015 (15.0) final
2015 (15.0) beta-3
  • [-] Some pages could not be checked/displayed correctly (beta-2 issue)
  • [+] Startup: WSW automatically detects if the configuration file is corrupted and can automatically restore a backup file
  • Several language files updated
2015 (15.0) beta-2
  • [+] Virtual Folders: New options "Actions on Initialization" and "Actions on Update"
  • [x] Improved support of conditional defines in page source code
  • [-] RSS feeds with IFRAME tags in postings were not displayed correctly
  • [-] Fixed a bug when sending e-mails without authentication (when username/password were entered)
  • [-] Virtual Folders: Action "Mark as read" didn't work correctly
  • [-] Virtual Folders: The action list didn't show check marks when an action is enabled
  • Smaller improvements and reported bugs fixed
  • Language files for translators updated
2015 (15.0) beta-1
  • [+] 64-bit version of WebSite-Watcher
    (combined setup for 32/64 bit version. The setup will automatically install the 64bit version on 64bit systems)
    The About box shows if the 32/64bit version is installed.
  • [+] CSS based watch filters
  • [+] Bookmark action "Send mail": Customized E-Mail templates. Can for example be used to send e-mails with alternative sender e-mail address or an alternative e-mail body
  • [+] Report: New variable {wsw_url_removed_content(MAXLEN)} to show removed content
  • [+] Report: New variable {wsw_url_readstatus} shows if a bookmark has been read. ("read" or "unread")
  • [+] Report: New variable {wsw_url_update_on_keywords_table} shows found keywords of the Update-On-Keywords feature (similar to the table in the Analysis tab of the internal browser). This variable returns a HTML table, so this variable is designed to be used in HTML based reports.
  • [+] Report window / context menu: "Check selected bookmarks" and "Uncheck selected bookmarks"
  • [+] Follow-Links: New option "Don't follow links inside filtered parts of a page". With that option, the Follow-Links feature uses defined Ignore filters to exclude links from filtered areas of a page. This option only works with Ignore filters, not with Watch filters.
  • [+] Follow-Links: New option "Name Prefix". This option will assign the entered text as prefix to the bookmark name of automatically inserted bookmarks.
  • [+] Follow-Links: FTP protocol supported
  • [+] Follow-Links: IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) supported
  • [+] Bookmark context menu / New entry "Select Master Bookmark" (if a child bookmark is selected). Useful when there are multiple master bookmarks within the same folder.
  • [+] Set properties in all selected bookmarks: New option to set "Last check date"
  • [+] Set properties in all selected bookmarks: New option to set "Last changed date"
  • [+] Download/Display images in a page: New option "Don't show images within filtered content"
  • [+] Script / CreateReport: New option to create a report for the currently selected bookmarks. This will make it for example possible to create and send a report by e-mail for the currently opened bookmark. (CreateReport /bookmarks=selected /...)
  • Script / new predefined variables: {windowsdir} and {winprogramsdir}
  • [+] New program tweak: HandleWarningWholeContentFilteredAsError=1 - If a check reports the message "Warning: whole content filtered (please verify your filter settings)", then this is handled as warning by default. If you enable that tweak, this status message is handled as error (listed in Error folder, the bookmark option "Alert/Actions-on-Error" is performed, etc).
  • [+] Update similar bookmarks: Window can be resized and WebSite-Watcher remembers window size
  • [+] Update similar bookmarks: WebSite-Watcher remembers column widths and sorting
  • [+] Download-Manager: FTP protocol supported
  • [+] Download Manager: Remember column widths
  • [+] Set properties in all selected bookmarks / Export page: it's possible to assign the export file
  • [+] Export/Import bookmarks to/from Excel: Fields for bookmark action "Export" supported
  • [+] Backups and AutoBackups can be aborted via a Cancel button
  • [+] Internet Explorer Macros: New option to use a customized User Agent
  • [+] MiniBrowser: New option to use a customized User Agent
  • [+] Internal browser / Page button: New command "Save page as". Lets you save pages HTML, MHT and TEXT format
  • [+] Filter-Assistant / New option "Always start Filter Assistant with TEXT tab" (can be changed in the Options menu of the Filter Assistant)
  • [+] Test Filter window shows the date when the new/old version was changed
  • [+] Shortcut can be assigned to function "Disable check"
  • [+] Plugins: function "Bookmark_GetProperty" can read the check status. Useful when you want to write the check status to a log file. Example script see help file.
  • [+] Help file / new Plugin example: Write status of last check to log file
  • [+] Help file / new Plugin example: Extract and show PDF links
  • [x] AutoBackup: Max number of days to run AutoBackups is now 99 (instead of 9)
  • [x] Check method "Internet Explorer/Browser": Checks with option "Disable optimizations" significantly improved
  • [x] Checking FTP pages improved
  • [x] Repair database: Performance boost when repairing a database

Local Website Archive / Changes
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AM-Notebook / Changes
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