WebSite-Watcher App  for Android / iOS

Monitor pages and RSS feeds on your phone

The WebSite-Watcher App monitors your favorite websites and RSS feeds for updates and changes. When changes are detected, WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions to your device and highlights all changes in the text. Unwanted page content can be filtered with ignore filters to avoid false positives.

  • Monitor websites
  • Monitor RSS feeds
  • Monitor Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages
  • Highlight all changes
  • Filter unwanted content
  • Highlight specified keywords
  • Many more features to stay up-to-date!

This app can also be used to read bookmarks that are monitored with the Windows version of WebSite-Watcher (v2018 or higher).


The WebSite-Watcher App is available as a Freeware Edition and a Pro Edition. The Freeware Edition is limited to 3 bookmark lists and 5 bookmarks per list. The Pro-Edition can monitor 5 bookmark lists and 50 bookmarks per list. The module "WSW-for-Windows" is completely available in both editions.

App Videos

Add and check bookmarks
Create an Ignore Filter
Highlight Keywords

WSW for Windows

Setup Synchronization via Dropbox
Using the special bookmark WSW-for-Windows
Add bookmarks from Windows to the App

Main view

Page with highlighted changes

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