Freeware tool to detect dead links

AM-DeadLink can check URLs from the following sources:
  • Tab delimited files
  • CSV files
  • HTML files
  • Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Firefox bookmarks
  • Chrome bookmarks
  • Opera bookmarks

Download AM-DeadLink

AM-DeadLink 4.7

Download AM-DeadLink  (2 MB)   

Supported operating systems:
Windows 10 / 8/7/Vista/XP

License: Freeware

Important information:
Starting with AM-DeadLink 4.7, it's no longer possible to alter or delete bookmarks from your Internet Browser.
It is not recommended to use older versions of AM-DeadLink to delete bookmarks from your Internet Browser. Browser bookmarks should only be deleted within the browser user interface, not via external tools.


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