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Alert when a page adds an out-of-stock image

User question:

> I want to get a notification when a product becomes out of stock. The page

> just puts an image on the page without a text change, so WebSite-

> Watcher is not able to find that change.


Best way to detect such a change is to write a private plugin that replaces the HTML tag with that image with an appropriate text.


For example, if the image is displayed with the HTML tag <img src="oos.png">, you can use the event function Wsw_PreProcessPage and replace that tag with a text.


The event function Wsw_PreProcessPage is called after the page has been downloaded and before the source is processed by WebSite-Watcher.


You can use this code as starting point:


Sub Wsw_PreProcessPage(Handle, ByRef sMemWeb, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iStatusCode)


   sMemWeb = ReplaceText(sMemWeb, "<img src=""oos.png"">", "OUT-OF-STOCK")


End Sub

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