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All bookmarks report an error

If WebSite-Watcher reports an error for all bookmarks, then one of the following reasons may cause the problem:


A. Proxy settings are not correct

If you need a proxy to connect the internet, then you have to enter the proxy configuration in WebSite-Watcher. By default, WebSite-Watcher uses the proxy that is configured in Internet Explorer.


1.Open "Program configuration..."
2.Select the "Check" tab
3.Click the "Proxy" button
4.Adjust your proxy configuration



B. WebSite-Watcher is blocked by a Firewall

If you have a Firewall running, then WebSite-Watcher is probably blocked by that Firewall or Internet Security Software. In that case you have to setup your Firewall to let WebSite-Watcher pass, the problem cannot be fixed within WebSite-Watcher.