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Can I save my bookmark database directly in a Dropbox folder

User question:

> Can I store my bookmark database in a Dropbox folder to

> automatically have a backup in the Cloud? Or is there any

> recommended method to back up that works better?


We do not recommend to save your bookmarks directly in a Dropbox folder.


In our tests we realized that cloud clients (Dropbox, OnDrive, Google Drive etc) can block files and you are not able to access them for a short time. While WebSite-Watcher makes multiple attempts when writing or deleting files in such a case, there is always a risk that something will not work properly.


Instead of saving the bookmark database directly in your Dropbox folder, we recommend to only create backups in your Dropbox folder.


You can also configure WebSite-Watcher to create AutoBackups in your Dropbox folder.




If you want to use the same bookmarks on your PC and on your Notebook, then you can use the CloudSync feature to synchronize your bookmarks via Dropbox. The synchronization process is however not executed automatically in background and must be called manually (Tools + CloudSync). In that case you will also have a copy of all your bookmarks in your Dropbox.