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Can the AutoWatch feature monitor pages in real time?

No, it's not possible to monitor pages in real time.


WebSite-Watcher always performs a check run of your bookmarks with AutoWatch enabled. After the check run has finished, WebSite-Watcher calculates the countdown to the check run based on your AutoWatch time configurations.


So, if you have 100 bookmarks, then WebSite-Watcher will check these 100 bookmarks before a new check run can be started. If you have all bookmarks configured to be checked every second, then WebSite-Watcher will still check these 100 bookmarks, calculates and performs the countdown of 1 second and starts the next check run. But checking these 100 bookmarks will take some time. It means that the countdown is 1 second in that case.


If you would like to check bookmarks every couple of seconds, then in reality this would only work if you have just one or a couple of bookmarks with AutoWatch enabled.


Starting with WebSite-Watcher 2017, you can install and start multiple instances of WebSite-Watcher at the same time on the same PC. That way you can save and monitor critical bookmarks in a separate database/instance.