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Chromium/Browser and Cookies

User question:

> I'm monitoring a page with the method "Chromium/Browser". This page

> shows a popup on the first visit. Confirming this popup saves a

> cookie so it is no longer displayed on further visits. How can I do

> this in WSW?

Via Bookmark Properties

This can be done in the bookmark properties:


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Click the button "Browser/Login..."
3.This will open the page in a Chromium browser
4.Confirm the popup and close the browser window


Then bookmark checks will use the Cookie saved in step 4.



Alternatively you can also use the "Browser..." button in the Check tab.




Via External Browser Tabs

If you use External Browser Tabs with Chromium as browser engine, then you can also open the page in a browser tab and confirm this popup.