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Use an external program to modify a monitored document

User question:

> I have a few sites that I want to modify before they are processed

> with WebSite-Watcher. Is there any way to pass these pages to an

> external program, modify the source and put it back to WebSite-

> Watcher for final processing?


This can be done with a private plugin and the event function "Wsw_PreProcessPage".


In the event function "Wsw_PreProcessPage" you have to execute the following steps:


1.Save the source of the checked page to a temporary file
2.Modify this temporary file with your programm (command line tool)
3.Load the modified file
4.Delete the temporary file


You can use this code as starting point. It will execute the program "c:\tools\htmlconv.exe" with the parameter /filename="tempfile" (the external tool should then overwrite the temporary file with the modified content).


Sub Wsw_PreProcessPage(Handle, ByRef sMemWeb, ByRef sStatusMessage As String, ByRef iStatusCode As Integer)

   Dim sTempFile = "c:\tools\" + GetUniqueID + ".htm"

   StringToFile(sTempFile, sMemWeb)

   ExecuteAndWait("c:\tools\htmlconv.exe", "/filename=""" + sTempFile + """", True)

   FileToString(sTempFile, sMemWeb)


End Sub