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WebSite-Watcher displays gray boxes instead of images?

By default, WebSite-Watcher replaces all images in a page with a gray image. That's the most efficient way to check and open web pages. Alternatively to these ugly, gray boxes you can of course also download and display the real images of a page. The image configuration can be changed in the general program configuration. For each bookmark, the global image configuration can be overridden in the bookmark properties.


WebSite-Watcher supports the following three options to download or display images:


1.Display gray boxes instead of images (fastest)
If this option is enabled, all images will be replaced with a gray image. This option is the fastest solution, no images of a page are downloaded and displayed.
2.Use absolute addresses for all images
If this option is enabled, all image addresses will be converted to absolute addresses. As soon as you open a checked page, the images will be downloaded from the server and displayed in your browser.
3.Save images to disk
If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher downloads images as soon as an update is detected. The images are stored locally on your hard disk. You don't need an active internet connection when you open the locally saved pages.


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