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How can I monitor the "keywords" meta tag of a web page?

By default, WebSite-Watcher filters all HTML tags and uses only the "readable" text for update detection.


WebSite-Watcher includes a plugin that can be used to extract all keywords (words included in the "keywords" meta tag) from a page and display them in alphabetical order. When you open the bookmark, you will see only this keyword list instead of the page.


To use that plugin, please follow these steps:


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Select the "Advanced" tab
3.Select "Plugin" on the left side
4.Click the button "Select Plugin"
5.Select "Keyword definitions (META tag)" from the Plugin list
6.Check the bookmark


Example of a keyword META tag

If the page source contains this META tag:


<meta name="Keywords" content="monitor, website, changes">


Then this plugin will extract the keywords "monitor", "website" and "changes" and will display them instead of the real page content.