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How can I re-initialize a bookmark?

User question:

> Sometimes, after changing a setting in the properties (e.g. "use absolute

> web-address for images"), it would be nice to be able to force WSW to

> re-initialize a bookmark, but I can't find any easy way to do this.

> Is it possible?


There are two ways how this can be solved:


1.Delete the locally saved files (Right click + Organize + Delete local files), then re-check the bookmark. This will completely re-initialize the bookmark.
Via Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+Del, then Ctrl+K
2.If the bookmark already had an update, then restore the previous version (Right-click + Organize + Restore previous version) and re-check the bookmark. WebSite-Watcher will then detect an update with the new bookmark configuration.
Via Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+R, then Ctrl+K