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How do I know if I receive all sent e-mails?

User question:

> I'm using the bookmark action "Send e-mail" to send updates to my

> account. How do I know that I don't miss emails?


If you don't receive all sent e-mails, then this can have different reasons. Either technical reasons when submitting e-mails to your server, or your server has problems to deliver the e-mails.

WebSite-Watcher problems

First, if WebSite-Watcher is not able to send all e-mails, a red error bar will be displayed in the main window of WebSite-Watcher. This can for example happen when:


1.the entered e-mail configuration is no longer valid
2.the e-mail server cannot be reached
3.the e-mail server does not accept certain messages
4.WebSite-Watcher is blocked by a Firewall or another Security Solution


If such an error happens and if you are not sitting in front of your PC, you can also send a Pushover message to your mobile devices or check via the WebSite-Watcher App if an error has occurred.

Server problems

If no red error bar appears in the main window of WebSite-Watcher, then all e-mails could be sent to your e-mail server and your e-mail server successfully received and accepted them.


If you then don't receive all e-mails, they are either caught by a spam filter or lost due to other server problems (you cannot see this in WebSite-Watcher as WebSite-Watcher is no longer involved).

Incrementing counter in the e-mail subject

What you can do in WebSite-Watcher is to use an incrementing counter in the e-mail subject. This counter increments by 1 with every e-mail sent. In your mailbox you could then see at a glance if a message did not come through because of a missing number.


If you define for example the subject [WSW-{counter}] {name} in the e-mail template, then the subject of received e-mails would begin with:


[WSW-1] ...
[WSW-2] ...
[WSW-3] ...


1.Open the program configuration
2.Select the "Check" tab
3.Click the button "E-Mail..."
4.Select the tab "Template"
5.Add the {counter} variable to the subject, for example: [WSW-{counter}] {name}
6.The value of the counter can be changed in the "Options" tab