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How to backup my data to Dropbox

User question:

> Where do I change saving the data from my C drive to a Dropbox

> folder, in case I ever lose this hard drive, I will be able to

> restore my data and settings to another PC and not lose anything?


There are several ways you can do that.


First we do not recommend to save the database in your dropbox folder, just a copy or a backup!


1.Use a third party tool to mirror or backup the bookmark database and configurations files
2.Use the internal backup feature (Tools menu) to regularly backup your data to your dropbox folder
3.Save the AutoBackups in your dropbox folder (the AutoBackup path can be changed in the program configuration + Advanced + AutoBackup, just change it to your local dropbox folder). AutoBackups are created automatically by WebSite-Watcher.
4.Use the CloudSync feature to regularly sync your bookmarks into your dropbox cloud folder.