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Remove Cookie Banner

by accepting Cookies

If a checked bookmark shows a Cookie consent banner that you have to accept, then in most cases you can use these steps:


1.Right click the bookmark
2.Select "Browser". This will load the page in a browser window.
3.Accept the Cookies
4.Close this window
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Then the next detected update should no longer display the cookie message. To test these steps immediately, right click the bookmark and select "Extras + Re-Initialize bookmark".


This is the preferred method for dealing with Cookie consent banners and should be used whenever possible.

via Cosmetic Filters (automatically)

If the steps above do not work correctly or the Cookie banner reappears after a short while, you can use Cosmetic Filters to remove it from the page.


1.Open the bookmark properties
2.Click "Cosmetic filter"
3.Click the Wizard symbol
4.Select "Cookie Banner". This tries to automatically determine the correct cosmetic filter.
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via Cosmetic Filter (manually)

If no cosmetic filters are found with the steps above, you have to create the cosmetic filter manually.


Typical steps:


1.Click "Create new filter"
2.Enter a short phrase or word that is part of the Cookie consent text, for example: cookie
3.Search the correct occurrence of the entered word or phrase
4.Click Next, this will find related CSS definitions
5.Select a CSS definition that includes all the text of the Cookie banner
6.Click Next
7.Test the filter. If the Cookie banner is removed, click "Add filter"
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