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Import URLs from an Excel file

User question:

> I am looking to import an list of about 1000 webpages that I would like to

> monitor - ideally without repeating for each one. The URLs are in an excel

> file - is there a way to add those in bulk on the Website Watcher?


Excel files (and CSV files) can be imported directly into WebSite-Watcher.


The first row must contain the field names that should be imported. The following rows must contain the values of the bookmark properties (one bookmark per row).


If you only want to import URLs without other bookmark properties, you just need the url column.




Import in WebSite-Watcher

1.Select "Tools" in the main menu of WebSite-Watcher
2.Select "Im/Export"
3.Select "Import from: Excel / CSV"
4.In the next window, open the Excel file and click "Import"


All URLs will then be imported into the selected folder.


Supported fields and further information can be found in the Online Help