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What does the message "Chromium is outdated" mean?

User question:

> My WebSite-Watcher shows the message "Chromium is outdated". What

> does this mean, and how can I fix this? I'm using an older version

> of WSW.


The embedded Chromium browser is delivered with WebSite-Watcher. If you're using an older version of WebSite-Watcher, you automatically use an older version of the embedded Chromium browser. After a fair amount of time, WebSite-Watcher shows an info that the embedded Chromium browser is outdated.


Updating WebSite-Watcher to the latest version will automatically install a new version of the embedded Chromium browser. It's not possible to update the embedded Chromium browser independently of WebSite-Watcher.


We definitely recommend to keep WebSite-Watcher up-to-date, so you'll always have the lastest features, fixes and Chromium browser.