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Monitor all PDF files in a local folder

User question:

> I regularly save PDF files from the web to a certain local folder on

> my hard disk. Can I use WebSite-Watcher to monitor all PDF files in

> that folder for certain keywords? As soon as I save a new PDF into

> that folder, it should be detected and checked automatically by

> WebSite-Watcher.


It is a bit tricky, but it can be solved with a plugin and a combination of several features.


Please follow these steps:


1.Create a new folder in WebSite-Watcher, for example PDF
2.Create a new bookmark in that folder and enter the path of the local folder into the URL field. For example c:\wsw-pdf\
3.Select the Keywords tab and enter the keywords you want to monitor, for example "website" and "watcher"
4.To also get notifications with the first check, you have to enable the option "Alert/Actions on initialization"
5.Select the "Advanced" tab, then create a new private plugin
6.Enter this plugin code, then click OK to close this window:

Sub Wsw_PreProcessPage(Handle, ByRef sMemWeb, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iStatusCode)


   Dim sl = GetAllWildcardMatches(sMemWeb, "<b>*.pdf</b>")

   Dim i, sItem, sFile


   For i = 0 To StringList_ItemCount(sl) - 1

      sItem = StringList_GetItem(sl, i)

      sFile = Replace(sItem, "<b>", "")

      sFile = Replace(sFile, "</b>", "")

      sMemWeb = ReplaceText(sMemWeb, sItem, "<a href='" + sFile + "'>" + sItem + "</a>")



End Sub


7.Select "Follow-Links" on the left side and use this configuration




That's it. Now WebSite-Watcher will monitor all PDF files in that folder for the entered keywords. When you save new pdf files into the c:\wsw-pdf\ folder, they will automatically be inserted as new bookmarks when you check the "PDF" folder.