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Monitor changes in link addresses

User question:

> I have a page that has links to some PDF files. When an update is

> made, the link text stays unchanged but the link addresses to these

> PDF files are changed slightly. Is there a way to get the links

> highlighted that have a new URL?


What you can do is to convert the page into the "simple HTML" format and extract the link addresses.


Then WebSite-Watcher will extract and display all link addresses inside the page. That way it is possible to detect and highlight changes in link addresses.


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Select the "Advanced" tab
3.Select "HTML" on the left side
4.(optional, see note below) Enable the option "Convert to simple HTML version"
5.Enable the option "Extract link addresses"





Note: It might also work without the option "Convert to simple HTML version", but if a page uses complex CSS definitions some parts of the page might be hidden oder overlapped.