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Multiple pages with login

User question:

> If several (in fact more than 10) of my bookmarks share the same

> web-based login, can I set it up so that there is only one login

> instead of as many logins as there are bookmarks?


This is only possible if that page has a "Stay logged in" option which saves the login information in a cookie. This cookie will then be used for the bookmark checks.


1.Create a new bookmark with the URL you want to monitor
2.Right click the bookmark in the bookmark list
3.Select "Browser" from the popup menu
4.Login to your account with the option to stay logged in. This will write a cookie then will then be used when checking the bookmark
5.Close this window


If it's not possible to save login information permanently, then you have to record a check macro for each bookmark. In that case it's not possible to share the login information.