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Notification if there was no update for more than 30 days

User question:

> I would like to receive notifications if there has not been an

> update on a webpage for a specified number of days.

> Can this option be presently set?


There is no built-in option, but you can do this via the plugin system.


With the example below, WebSite-Watcher will alert an update if the last change is more than 30 days ago.



Sub Wsw_BeforeCheck(Handle)
   ' Ensure that the page is always checked by content (avoid possible optimizations)
   Bookmark_SetProperty(Handle, "checkmethod", "content")
End Sub
Sub Wsw_CompareVersions(Handle, ByRef sMemWeb, ByRef sMemLocal, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iStatusCode)
   Dim d, sLastChangeDate, nDayDiff
   ' Get the last change date
   sLastChangeDate = Bookmark_GetProperty(Handle, "last_change_date")
   ' Calculate the differences in days
   d = EncodeDate(Copy(sLastChangeDate, 1, 4), Copy(sLastChangeDate, 5, 2), Copy(sLastChangeDate, 7, 2))
   nDayDiff = Date - d
   ' Alert if the last change is more than 30 days ago
   If nDayDiff > 30 Then
      sStatusMessage = "Last change " + CStr(nDayDiff) + " ago"
      iStatusCode = 1
   End If
End Sub



To enter this plugin:


1.Open the bookmark properties
2.Select the Advanced tab
3.Select "Plugin" on the left side
4.Click the button "Create Private Plugin"
5.Enter the plugin code
6.Close and check the bookmark