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Pause AutoWatch while playing a game

User question:

> I am playing a game, whenever Website-Watcher checks using

> autowatch, my screen switches me back from my game to my desktop

> screen. I have to alt-tab to get back to my game screen but I noted

> that this issue happens every time, whenever Website Watcher runs an

> autowatch check.


You can try to use the program tweak "PauseCheckIfWindowExists" and define the window title of the game. When the window with the defined window tilte is in foreground, WebSite-Watcher will pause AutoWatch or a running bookmark check.


You can use the Windows Task Manager to get the window title. When playing the game, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, this will start the Windows Task Manager where you can see the window titles of running applications.


See also help file:



Pauses AutoWatch or running checks if the defined windows are in foreground. Define one or more window titles, separated by the ; character. You can for example use this feature when working with a certain program or playing a game and you don't want to check bookmarks in that time. You can use the Windows Task Manager to figure out the window title.

WebSite-Watcher will check if the defined strings are part of the foreground window title. All definitions are case insensitive.

Example: PauseCheckIfWindowExists=notepad;My Game;Video Player