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WebSite-Watcher can be configured to send Pushover messages when a bookmark has been updated. Furthermore for certain actions, for example when e-mails could not be sent.


Pushover messages are similar to SMS but without costs per message. Pushover messages can be received on a wide range of devices, eg. iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. If you're using WebSite-Watcher for example 24/7 on a server, then Pushover is a very quick way to get notified on your phone when a problem appears.


To be able to use this feature you need your own Pushover account. More information about Pushover can be found at

Pushover configuration

To setup Pushover in Website-Watcher, you have enter the following three fields. All these data can be found in your Pushover account.


User Key
The user key that you can find in your Pushover account. It's a string with ~30 characters.


The API-Token that you can find in your Pushover account. It's a string with ~30 characters.


This setting is optional and can be used if you only want to send notifications to certain devices. If this field is empty, WebSite-Watcher will send notifications to all your Pushover devices.


After entering these fields, you have to send a test message to make sure that your configuration is correct.

Steps to setup Pushover

1.Open the program configuration
2.Select the "Check" tab
3.Click the "Pushover" button
4.Enter the Pushover configuration
5.Send a Test Notification (this is required once to verify the entered configuration)
6.Select the "Send Pushover" tab
7.Select which notifications should be sent

Send push notification on updates

1.Open the bookmark properties
2.Click the tab "Actions"
3.Click "Pushover" on the left side
4.Enable this action