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Synchronize bookmarks between PC and Notebook

The CloudSync feature is designed to synchronize your bookmarks between 2 WebSite-Watcher installations, for example between your PC and your Notebook. This feature must be called manually each time you want synchronize your bookmarks.


You can either use a user defined folder on your network or a Cloud service to synchronize your bookmarks. If you want to synchronize your database via Cloud, you have to install the client of your Cloud provider that synchronizes a local folder with the Cloud.

Sync between PC and Notebook

This is a typical workflow when you alternatively work on your PC and your Notebook:


1.Monitor bookmarks on your PC
2.Call CloudSync on your PC
3.Call CloudSync on your Notebook (then your Notebook should have the same bookmarks and bookmark configurations as your PC)
4.Monitor bookmarks on your Notebook
5.Call CloudSync on your Notebook
6.Call CloudSync on your PC
7.Monitor bookmarks on your PC


Before you use CloudSync the first time, you have to ensure that both installations have the same database installed. You can also use the CloudSync feature for this task:


1.On your PC, call CloudSync and select the option "Backup to folder"
2.On your Notebook, create or open a database with the same name as on your PC (for example bookmark.wsw)
3.On your Notebook, call CloudSync and select the option "Restore from folder"


Now you have the same bookmark database and bookmarks on both installations and you can now use the option "Synchronize with folder" on both installations.


The CloudSync feature synchronizes all bookmarks in the opened database. It's not possible to synchronize just single folders or selected bookmarks.
Complete bookmarks are synchronized (all settings + cache files). It's not possible to synchronize just the bookmark settings without the cache files or the last check/change time.
Enter a password if you want to encrypt all bookmarks in the Cloud. WebSite-Watcher uses AES-256 for encryption. If you change or enter a new password, you have to use the option "Backup to cloud" once to save all bookmarks to the Cloud with the new password.