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Typical server error and status codes

If a bookmark check reports an error, you can find the corresponding error code in the check log file.


1.Right click bookmark
2.Select "Extras"
3.Select "Log file..."
4.Look for the Statuscode entry in the log, for example "Statuscode: 404"

Typical error and status codes:

100   Continue

101   Switching Protocols

200   OK

201   Created

202   Accepted

203   Non-Authoritative Information

204   No Content

205   Reset Content

206   Partial Content

300   Multiple Choices

301   Moved Permanently

302   Moved Temporarily

303   See Other

304   Not Modified

305   Use Proxy

400   Bad Request

401   Unauthorized / Authentication failure

402   Payment Required

403   Forbidden

404   Site Not Found

405   Method Not Allowed

406   Not Acceptable

407   Proxy Authentication Required

408   Request Time-out

409   Conflict

410   Gone

411   Length Required

412   Precondition Failed

413   Request Entity Too Large

414   Request-URI Too Large

415   Unsupported Media Type

500   Internal Server Error

501   Not Implemented

502   Bad Gateway

503   Service Unavailable

504   Gateway Time-out

505   HTTP Version not supported

Existing pages with error code

If a mis-configured server sends an error code but an existing page, WebSite-Watcher will behave differently than your Internet Browser. While an Internet Browser shows the page (the error code can be found in the browser console), WebSite-Watcher reports an error.


Use the following configuration to ignore error codes in WebSite-Watcher:


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Select the "Advanced" tab
3.Select "Check options" on the left side
4.Check the option "[x] Ignore error codes from server"


Then WebSite-Watcher will ignore the error code and show the page, similar to your Internet Browser.


See also this Knowledgebase Article.