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Upgrade from Freeware to Personal Edition

User question:

> I currently use the Freeware version of WebSite-Watcher. When I

> decide to purchase the Personal Edition, will this overwrite the

> Freeware version? Can I use my old bookmarks?


The Freeware Edition and the Personal Edition are installed side-by-side. The Personal Edition will not overwrite the Freeware Edition.


To copy your bookmarks from the Freeware Edition to the Personal Edition, you can use the following steps.

In the Freeware Edition:

1.Select all bookmark
2.Right click the selection
3.Select "Organize"
4.Select "Export to WebSite-Watcher Export file... (*.zip)"

In the Personal Edition:

1.Select "Tools" in the main window
2.Select "Import/Export"
3.Select "Import bookmarks from Export file... (*.zip)"
4.Select the exported file and import the bookmarks


Alternatively you can use the "Backup / Restore" feature to copy everything from the Freeware Edition to the Personal Edition.


If you no longer need the Freeware version, you can completely uninstall it from your system. This will not remove data from other editions (such as the Personal Edition).