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Local Website Archive 20.5 BETA

If you run into problems with the following beta version, you can return to the previous final version. Simply install the latest final version over the already installed beta version. Everything will remain.

Currently no beta version available

This is a beta version for the PRO Edition only. For the LITE Edition, no beta version is available. Compare Pro/Lite Edition

System requirements: Windows 7 or higher

Version 2020 (20.5) Final   -   20-Oct-2020

Version 2020 (20.5) Beta-4   -   25-Sep-2020

Version 2020 (20.5) Beta-3   -   17-Sep-2020

Version 2020 (20.5) Beta-2   -   16-Sep-2020

Version 2020 (20.5) Beta-1   -   31-Aug-2020