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Add documents FREE-Edition PRO-Edition
Add documents from browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE) yes yes
Add documents from WebSite-Watcher yes yes
Import Text/Pdf/Html documents from a pre-defined folder - yes
Add from Clipboard - yes
Features FREE-Edition PRO-Edition
Based on technology Internet Explorer Chromium
Search documents yes yes
Export / Import yes yes
Backup / Restore yes yes
Rate documents - yes
Folder "New documents" - yes
Highlight new documents - yes
Mark document as unread - yes
Delete to Trash - yes
Find duplicates - yes
User defined archive location (eg. d:\archive) - yes
Highlight text in archived documents - yes
Ad-Blocker - yes
Copy/Move documents between archives - yes
Improved performance when archiving pages - yes
Archive as screenshot - yes
Archive in PDF Format - yes
Max number of documents unlimited unlimited
License / Support FREE-Edition PRO-Edition
License Freeware must be purchased
Support per e-mail - yes