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News and Announcements
17-Jan-2019     WebSite-Watcher 2019 (19.0)

New version available for download.

Installing this new version requires an active Update Subscription. You can check or renew your Update Subscription in the WebSite-Watcher Help menu via "Downloads / Update Subscription".

Simply download and install this new version over the existing version.
You can also use "Help + Check for new version" to automatically install this update.

Download WebSite-Watcher :: Version History

17-Jan-2019     WebSite-Watcher Free 2019 (19.0)

This is the first time we release a Freeware version of WebSite-Watcher.

If you only want to monitor a couple of pages and don't need all features, then WebSite-Watcher Free is the perfect solution for you.

Download WebSite-Watcher Free

14-Jan-2019     Add or append new filter to multiple bookmarks

New knowledgebase article available.
Read article

07-Jan-2019     WebSite-Watcher 2019 (19.0) for Android / iOS

A new version of WebSite-Watcher for Android and iOS is available.

WebSite-Watcher App :: History

21-Dec-2018     Get notified on your phone when WebSite-Watcher is not running or sending e-mails is broken

If you have WebSite-Watcher running on a separate PC and want to get notified if sending e-mails is broken, then you can use the WebSite-Watcher App (available for Android and iOS) to get error notifications on your phone.

Read new knowledgebase article

18-Dec-2018     How to find bookmarks with Check-Macros?

Is there any option or way to identify which bookmarks contain a Check-Macro? Read our new knowledgebase article to see how this is possible.

Read new knowledgebase article

16-Dec-2018     Mac/CrossOver: Using the Mac browser as external browser on a Mac

If you use WebSite-Watcher on a Mac, you can configure CrossOver to use the Mac Browser when calling "Open page with external browser" in WSW.

Read new knowledgebase article

12-Dec-2018     Can I save my bookmark database directly in a Dropbox folder?

Long story short, we do not recommend to save a bookmark database directly in your Dropbox folder. We recommend to only create backups in your Dropbox folder.

Read new knowledge base article

04-Dec-2018     WebSite-Watcher 2018 (18.4) for Android / iOS

A new version of WebSite-Watcher for Android and iOS is available.

WebSite-Watcher App :: History

03-Dec-2018     Customized User Agent

By default, WebSite-Watcher is identified as Internet Explorer. If you want to use a different user agent, you can change this identification either globally in the program configuration or individually per bookmark in the bookmark properties.

Read new knowledgebase article

25-Nov-2018     Alert when a page adds an out-of-stock image

If a page displays only an image when a product becomes out-of-stock, then WebSite-Watcher would not alert an update because no text is changed.

One way to handle such a change is to convert the image to a text content (using a plugin).

Read new knowledgebase article

19-Nov-2018     Alert if a certain tag is missing in the page source

If you want to check if a certain html tag is missing in the page source, you can do this with a plugin.

Read new knowledge base article

10-Nov-2018     Add bookmarks with drag and drop

Two new knowledge base articles show how bookmarks can be added via drag and drop from your internet browser or from a WebSite-Watcher browser tab.

Add opened page from Opera to WebSite-Watcher

Add a WSW browser tab to bookmarks

08-Nov-2018     Knowledgebase updated

We have moved all Knowledgebase articles to a new system and added over 20 new articles.
More articles will be added soon.

17-Oct-2018     WebSite-Watcher for iOS 2018 (18.3)

A new version of WebSite-Watcher for iOS is available.

WebSite-Watcher App :: History :: Download on the App Store

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