Tool Panel

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The tool panel on the left side contains four tabs (PRO Edition):

Note list

The note list contains all folders and notes of the currently opened note location. If an alternative note location is opened, then an additional info bar is displayed. Notes can be opened with a single click, to open a note in a new tab, simply press the Shift key will clicking a note. Notes and folders can be reorganized with drag-and-drop (the menu entry "Enable Drag&Drop" must be checked in the options menu in order to allow this feature).


The Note tab can be selected with the shortcut F4.

Global Search

The global search allows you to find content in notes and spreadsheets, but not in encrypted notes. The shortcut Shift+F3 allows you to quickly jump to the search field, and Esc to go back to the note list.


The Group functionality allows you to store all opened tabs into a group which can be opened at a later time. To open a group of tabs, simply double-click the group.

Clips / Templates

The clip collection allows you to store common blocks of text and templates for quick repeated reuse. You can create clips manually with the New button, or you can save the selected text of a note as new clip.


To insert the contents of a clip into the note you are editing, simply double-click it or drag&drop it onto the spot where you want to insert it.


Clips can be renamed via the context menu and moved to other folders by drag&drop. To move a clip to a parent folder, simply drag it to the "folder-up" button in the toolbar.