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PixiShot History

Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 2.5
  • [+] Viewer: Home/End keys jump to the first/last image
  • [+] It's possible to show Exif data of MP4 files
  • [+] It's possible to copy Exif/Iptc data from MP4 file to image files
  • [+] Editor: New White Balance options
  • [+] Import: New option "Import JPEG files"
  • [+] Import: New option "Import RAW files"
  • [+] Import: New option "Import Video files"
  • [-] Editor/Crop: Advanced perspective correction did not work correctly
  • [-] Import: Refreshing the drive list could move PixiShot to background
  • Smaller changes and improvements

Version 2.4
  • [+] Copy Folder to Clipboard
  • [+] Manager supports images from Affinity Photo
  • [+] EXIF: Capture date/time can be changed with absolute values
  • [+] Text-Editor: It's possible to draw text without background color
  • [x] The feature "Open with" can also be called when a folder is selected in the image list
  • [x] Indexing folders with RAW files runs more smooth now
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2.3.1
  • [x] Copy/Paste of folders improved
  • [x] Cut/Paste of folders improved
  • [x] Drag/Drop functionality improved (is now more compatible to Windows)
  • [x] Favorites list (main window) is now sorted by name
  • [-] Drag/Drop of folders could fail under certain circumstances
  • [-] Various stability fixes when copying or moving files and folders

Version 2.2
  • [+] Manager: Change Capture Time
  • [+] Editor: New feature "Text Editor" to add text to a photo
  • [x] Editor: Recover Shadows has a much more natural look now
  • [x] Editor: Contrast function analyzes the image and produces much better results
  • [+] Editor / Crop image: Crop area shows the center point
  • [+] Manager lists PDF files
  • [+] Open with / parameter: New variable %flist which will be replaced with the file names of all selected images
  • [x] Various performance improvements in the Editor module
  • [x] Performance: Fixed a bottleneck when scanning a RAW folder for the first time
  • [x] Import from device or card: Improved handling when aborting the import process
  • [x] "Special programs" are now listed in the "Open with" window
  • [x] Many smaller improvements related to high DPI
  • [x] Improved Unicode handling when writing EXIF/IPTC fields (also improved compatibility with other programs)
  • [x] Editor: Quality of Duotone effect improved
  • [x] Viewer Module / Delete command: If more than 1 image is selected, then all selected images will be deleted (previously only the first image was deleted)
  • [+] Inserting a new image (via an external tool) no longer removes the active image selection if multiple images are selected
  • [x] Map module: Performance and tile loading improved
  • [-] Customized shortcuts were not displayed correctly in menus and toolbars
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2.1
  • [+] PixiShot works correctly with High DPI displays that are using scaling
  • [+] Editor: HDR Effect added
  • [+] Editor: Dramatic Effect added
  • [+] Editor: High-Contrast Effect added
  • [+] Editor: Orton Effect added
  • [+] Editor: Channel selection in Tone Curve window improved.
  • [-] Editor: The effects "Natural" and "i-Light" could produce HALOs and some other bad pixels
  • [x] Editor: Histogram slider works more precisely now (could sometimes differ between Editor preview and final image, especially the modes Histogram, Details, Natural, i-Light and RGBmax)
  • [+] Maps module: Google Maps can be called directly within PixiShot
  • [+] Image-Info Window: Show all Exif Tags via ExifTool
  • [+] Convert selected images: Convert to 16-bit TIF file
  • [+] Convert selected images: Convert PNG files to JPG or TIF format
  • [x] Various performance improvements
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 1.8
  • [+] Editor: New adjustment slider "Warmth"
  • [+] Export / Sharpening: New option "Only sharpen image if Image Size was changed"
  • [+] The Import feature can now also import images from connected cameras, cell phones and other devices.
  • [x] Internal improvements for 16bit image processing
  • [-] Starting the Edit module could crash under very rare circumstances
  • [-] Editor: Automatically fit selection could crash under rare circumstances
  • ExifTool updated to v10.06
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 1.7.1
  • [+] External Programs+Special Programs: Google NIK HDR Efex 2 (select 2 or more images and open them directly in NIK HDR)
  • [+] External Programs+Special Programs: Microsoft ICE (select 2 or more images and open them directly in Microsoft ICE)
  • [+] External Programs+Special Programs: Helicon Focus (select 2 or more images and open them directly in Helicon Focus)
  • [+] PixiShot can automatically update itself when a new version is available. It's no longer required to download the new version via your web browser.
  • [+] Folder context menu: "Use photo home folder" to quickly enable/disable the home folder
  • [-] Editor: History optimization RGBmax didn't work correctly in 16bit mode
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 1.7
  • [-] PixiShot didn't show the correct folders at startup when no photo home folder was used (v1.6 issue)

Version 1.6
  • [+] Edit Module: Full support for 16bit TIF images
  • [+] Edit Module: JPG images and 8bit TIF images are internally converted to 16bit. This can produce better image quality under many circumstances, especially when using more than one adjustment slider.
  • [+] Edit Module: Automatic straighten
  • [+] Edit Module: Automatic perspective correction
  • [+] Edit Module: Straighten/Crop window: "Fit Selection" button
  • [+] Edit Module: Straighten/Crop window has a "Show Original" feature
  • [+] Edit Module: General improvements to the Straighten/Crop window
  • [-] Function "Set as wallpaper" didn't work under certain circumstances
  • [x] Performance improvements
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 1.5
  • [+] Map Module added
  • [+] Import GPS positions from GPX files
  • [x] Improved support for DNG files
  • [+] Compare images: Shortcuts "2" and "3" will zoom the images under the current mouse position
  • [+] Editor: If an advanced perspective correction has been entered, then the button is displayed in blue/bold
  • [-] Rename single file: it wasn't possible to just change the filename to upper/lowercase
  • [x] Mouse Wheel improvements
  • [+] PixiShot automatically lists *.gpx files in the Manager Module
  • [+] Copy/Paste editor settings: Clone/Repair settings added
  • [x] ExifTool updated to version 10.02
  • Smaller improvements and optimizations

Version 1.4
  • [-] Mouse Wheel didn't work correctly under Windows 10

Version 1.3
  • [+] Editor: "Clone and Heal" tool added
  • [+] Copy/Paste Metadata (EXIF/IPTC/GPS/XMP)
  • [+] Viewer and Editor windows: New Shortcuts: 1=Zoom 100%, 2=Zoom 200%, 3=Zoom 300%, 4=Zoom 400%, 0=Fit
  • [+] Editor: Window for Local Adjustments, Gradient Filter, etc. has an Undo/Redo
  • [+] When calling "Local Adjustments", the same zoom value and image position as in the parent window (Viewer or Editor) is used
  • [+] Staighten/Crop window: It's possible to pre-define the crop size (by entering the crop width/height values)
  • [x] Staighten/Crop window: image can be moved with Space+Mouse when in 100% view
  • [+] New Shortcut: L=Local Adjustments
  • [+] New Shortcut: H=Clone and Heal
  • [x] Commands for changing metadata improved
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 1.2
  • [+] Editor: Local Adjustments
  • [+] Editor: Gradient Filter
  • [+] Editor: Remove Red Eyes (via Local Adjustments)
  • [+] Editor: Remove Chromatic Aberrations (via Local Adjustments)
  • [+] Editor: If you change an adjustment with the mouse wheel, the step with is 3 by default. If you hold the Ctrl key pressed, the step width will be 1.
  • [x] Editor: Sharpen algorithm improved
  • [x] Editor: Several performance improvements
  • [-] Sync commands: Related files were not detected under certain circumstances
  • [-] Copy/Move/Paste images with sidecar files could fail under rare circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 1.1
  • [+] Viewer: Filmstrip can optionally be displayed on left side or bottom
  • [+] Viewer: Filmstrip thumbsize can be changed
  • [+] Editor: Show/Hide Filmstrip
  • [+] Editor: Filmstrip thumbsize can be changed
  • [+] Shortcut configuration: PixiShot will ask if a shortcut is already in use
  • [+] Indexing images: If an image doesn't contain EXIF data but XMP data, then PixiShot tries to restore EXIF data from XMP
  • [+] PixiShot will no longer re-index images because of Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes
  • [x] Lossless transformations: Faster refresh after applying lossless transformations
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.0
  • First release

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