Portable Start Menu

Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 3.5
  • [x] Better compatibility with 32/64bit system when starting certain applications
  • [-] Program icons were not displayed under certain circumstances when scaling was larger than 100%
  • [-] Entered applications could not be launched on some systems
  • [-] Ejecting an USB stick could cause the error message "Missing file psmstart.exe"
  • Smaller fixes/improvements

Version 3.4
  • [+] Portable Start Menu works correctly with High DPI displays
  • [+] .LNK files can be started
  • [+] Programs from the Windows\system32 folder can be started under Windows 64bit systems
  • [x] Variables such as %windir% were not recognized under certain circumstances
  • [x] Right clicking the tray icon didn't work correctly on Windows 10.
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 3.3
  • TrueCrypt support removed as development of TrueCrypt was ended in 5/2015
  • Creation of Autorun file was removed since it is not supported by current Windows versions
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 3.2
  • [+] Add new application: Remember path of previous added application
  • [x] Fixed some conflicts on dual monitor systems
  • [-] PSMenu could crash on exit under certain circumstances
  • Minor tweaks

Version 3.1
  • [+] TrueCrypt: Mounting containers significantly improved, especially under Vista with UAC enabled
  • [+] TrueCrypt: Custom command line parameters
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 3.0
  • [+] TrueCrypt-Integration (PSMenu can automatically mount and dismount a TrueCrypt Container. This includes full drive letter adjustments, etc. when you start programs from a TrueCrypt Container). See help file for more information.
  • [+] Portable Start Menu is "killed" automatically when you remove your USB Stick without closing PSMenu.
  • [+] Full Unicode support
  • [+] Applications: UNC paths supported
  • [+] Custom application icons
  • [+] Custom tray icon
  • [-] Portable Start Menu could crash when certain uninstall registry keys were damaged
  • Smaller improvements/fixes

Version 2.1
  • Better memory management
  • PSMenu could crash under rare circumstances when building the icon list
  • Some problems under Windows Vista fixed
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Version 2.0
  • [+] Quick Start functionality (shortcut to launch the Quick Start window can be defined in program configuration, for example Ctrl+Alt+F12)
  • [+] Adding new applications: "Scan for EXE files" for mass additions
  • [+] URLs can be opened (eg. https://www.aignes.com in application field)
  • [+] Application configuration: Deleting an app automatically selects the next app
  • [x] Improved handling of defect configuration files
  • [x] Internal improvement: more reliable way to save configuration file
  • [-] Conflicts with duplicates fixed
  • Minor fixes/improvements

Version 1.3
  • [+] Faster startup speed due to icon caching
  • [+] Program icons with more than 256 colors supported
  • [+] Folders can be opened (eg. e:\data)
  • [+] Relative paths supported (eg. ..\editor\edit.exe)
  • [+] Variable %windir% supported (eg. %windir%notepad.exe to start Notepad on the host PC)
  • [+] Variable %ProgramFiles% supported (eg. %ProgramFiles%Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe to start IE on the host PC)
  • [+] Variable %AppData% supported (path to the Application Data folder)
  • [+] Variable %MyDocuments% supported
  • [+] PSMenu asks if you want to overwrite an existing autorun.inf file
  • [+] PSMenu creates bak files when saving an autorun.inf file

Version 1.2
  • [+] New option: Show drive letter in Tray-Icon
  • [x] Autorun file could not be created if an already existing autorun file had hidden or read-only attributes
  • Minor Tweaks

Version 1.1
  • [+] New option: Try to safely remove USB-Stick when closing Portable Start Menu
  • [+] If the Application window is opened, you can drag-and-drop applications from a file manager into that window
  • [+] Sound after closing all applications
  • [+] Setup package supports an explicit portable mode
  • [+] If PSMenu is started the first time on an USB stick, you will be asked to create an AUTORUN file
  • [+] Application dialog: Shortcuts Ctrl+N/F2/Del to Insert/Edit/Delete applications
  • [x] Improved: Automatically close applications
  • Several smaller improvements

Version 1.0
  • First release

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