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WebSite-Watcher Testimonials...

WebSite-Watcher has to be one of the most surprising software programs I've found! Very well thought out for how the web works in the real world! It's an awesome program that will save me hundreds of man-hours this year alone and finally gives me the peace of mind that my company's not going to miss important changes! I looked at dozens of other similar-in-concept programs and NONE of them even came close...NONE were even in the same category as far as I'm concerned.
- Patrick P. -

I want to personally thank you for all your hard work on Website-Watcher this year, it remains the most valuable program on my computer! I have made a small calculation based on an average time of 20 seconds for a human being to check a single web page once per day, if I am currently monitoring 224 sites once each day, I calculate that over the past year WSW has saved me just over 454 hours of manual labor! Amazing, THANK YOU!! :-)
- Luke H. -

Website-Watcher saves me one to two hours every single day!! My business is based online, and during the course of an average day, I probably spend in the region of one to two hours checking the same sites for changes, alterations and updates. Website-Watcher not only saves me time, but gives me peace of mind as well.
- Dave C. -
Buying WebSite-Watcher wasn't a purchase - it was an investment, which has already made great returns in freed up time, in awareness, and in information providence - and will continue to do so exponentially as I throw more sites at it.
- Richard A. -

WebSite-Watcher is one of the best software products. Without this great program we would have extra work. Only few mouse clicks and our work is done. WebSite-Watcher is a great software product which is an investment and not only a purchase. With it you can save a lot of time and money. Thanks for this great product.
- Nico B. -

I use website watcher to make sure that deadlines have been entered correctly. Without website watcher and the use of the scripting facilities I would not be able to sleep as well at night as I do
- Adam L. -

I work with paid search engine advertising for various affiliate programs. Almost every week there is some problem with one or more of the merchant web sites I am promoting. Some sites close for "maintenance" over an hour every day! Others don't pay commissions to the affiliate operator in time, which means that my paid visitors end up at a "advertiser temporarily deactivated" page.

To protect my investment, I must ensure that all landing pages work as they should, every day. Just one month ago, it could take me almost an hour just to check all the landing pages once per day. Now WebSite-Watcher quietly monitors all landing pages in the background, every hour of the day. Whenever one of the landing pages has changed, WebSite-Watcher sends me the entire page in an email. For me this is an absolutely terrific service. I can always rest assured that if WebSite-Watcher is quiet, I'm only paying for good, profitable advertising.

As a side effect, WebSite-Watcher always lets me know immediately when one of my merchants has introduced a new promotion on their web site. This allows me to rapidly update my promotional material to match the merchant's offer, far before other affiliates have detected the new promotion. WebSite-Watcher not only reduces my costs, but also increases my revenue!
- Magnus W. -
Website-Watcher is a very good product with excellent support. My job would be impossible without it.
- Paul S. -

I don't have to tell you how useful WebSite-Watcher is. Just this morning I used your minibrowser to get the form post parameters to track a UPS shipment. Works like a charm.
- David J. -
Anyone who has a load of bookmarks and doesn't want to have to check them one at a time should not think twice before trying Website-Watcher. It's a great tool that is constantly improving and I look forward to seeing what features will pop up next.
- Chris H. -

Bad news for competitors..... WebSite-Watcher is a unique tool : extremely simple to use, but with very complex and fine settings. Very fast and reliable. This tool helps me watch hundreds of pages in a few seconds ! Great ! thanks !
- Marc S. -

I'm using WebSite-Watcher everyday to stay in touch with many web sites, and it works perfectly for me
- Gil R. -

WebSite-Watcher allows me to rapidly identify the changed sites, and altered sections as well permitting me to view the local site copies, thus reducing the effective load time as they are shown from my local disk, without pop up adds, rather than across the net.
I initially looked at over five book mark managers and based on the speed and set of features decided that WebSite-Watcher was the best of the set.
Finally I have found that the author has listened to improvement suggestions and been responsive to bug reports.
- Mike L. -

I just wanted to let you know what a marvelous product Website-Watcher is. It does its thing, day after day, quietly and reliably. Every 15 minutes, it checks that all the major pages on my different web sites work correctly. Since I work as an affiliate, i.e. I promote products for other companies, I need to be sure that all my links are functional all the time. It's also important for me to know about any changes to the landing pages "my" customers are taken to. Website-Watcher currently verifies almost 100 external links for me every day and warns about any availability problems or content changes. Imagine doing that manually.
It's amazing how many things you have built into this product. It's also amazing that unlike many other things in the Internet world, Website-Watcher never breaks. It just keeps working. Must be an Austrian thing...
Many thanks for a very, very powerful product.
- Magnus W. -