Datafields for folder

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Below the fields that are only required for reports with folders.

Start/end of a folder block



These two datafields define start and end of a folder.

For each folder, everything between these two fields will be exported.

Folder fields

The following fields can be placed between {wsw_begin_folder} and {wsw_begin_url}.



Folder name.


Absolute folder path.

The subfolder "Internet" in the folder "Tools" is displayed as "Tools / Internet"


Replaces and inserts the folder depth with tabulator characters.

You have to use that field if you want to indent bookmarks within a folder. For a folder depth of 3, WebSite-Watcher will insert 3 tabulator characters.

This field can also be placed between {wsw_end_url} and {wsw_end_folder}.




 Folder: {wsw_folder_name}<br>


   URL datafields...