Example 3: Create and send a report

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The following example checks all bookmarks. Afterwards it creates a report and opens it in the internal browser.


Optionally you can send it to two different e-mail addresses, the script will ask before sending an e-mail.


// Ask if the script should be executed
QuestionBox "Run the script ?" /ContinueOnYes /beep
// Check all bookmarks
CheckBookmarks /all
// Create a report and open it in the internal browser
CreateReport /template="{programdir}examples\report_template_changes.htm" (+)
             /output="c:\report.htm" (+)
OpenWithInternalBrowser "c:\report.htm"
// Ask if an e-mail should be sent
// If the user does not abort the script, then send the e-mail
QuestionBox "Send the report by e-mail?" /ContinueOnYes /beep
SendMail /recipient="support@domain.com,info@domain2.com" (+)
         /subject="WSW-Report" (+)
         /body="Attached a WSW report" (+)
MessageBox "Done." /beep