Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 6.5  (26-Feb-2019)

  • [+] If AM-Notebook detects damaged TODO/Calendar/Adresses/Alarm files and you can now automatically restore a BAK file (manual actions via a file manager are no longer required)
  • [x] Improved mouse wheel behavior
  • [x] Spreadsheets: performance improvements when pasting images
  • [x] Note names can contain the characters "." and "&"
  • [+] Addresses: New field "Info". Can for example be used to input certain tags.
  • [+] Mouse wheel support in the Month and Year modules
  • [-] Fixed some problems when the default printer is a PDF printer
  • [+] Calender: Displayed birthdays show the entered birth date
  • [x] Improved handling of dual monitor setups
  • [x] Improved Unicode support
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 6.4  (04-Oct-2016)

  • [+] AM-Notebook works correctly with High DPI displays
  • [+] Planner: New field "Note"
  • [x] Note Tree: Custom colors are displayed correctly when a note is selected
  • [x] Contacts: Name split into "First Name" and "Last Name"
  • [-] Notes: Click the "Cancel" button when Inserting a new table into another table could lead to data loss.
  • [-] Planner: Opening an item via double click could create a new item instead of opening the selected item
  • [-] Spreadsheets: "Open Link" did not work for entered e-mail addresses
  • [-] Global Search: Find text in grid didn't work under certain circumstances
  • [-] Notes: Click the "Cancel" button when Inserting a new table into another table could lead to data loss.
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 6.3  (10-Apr-2012)

  • [+] Diagrams: Option to optionally show name window when inserting new objects
  • [-] Printing TODOs could cut text under certain circumstances
  • [-] Option "Always open note in new tab" didn't work when a note was locked by another user
  • [-] TODOs: The note field wasn't updated correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] Background color of read-only notes was not restored correctly after printing a note
  • [-] Some Unicode issues fixed
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 6.2  (18-Oct-2011)

  • [+] Export spreadsheets to Excel
  • [+] Dates can be entered without points into date fields (eg. 24122010 or 241210, AM-Notebook will detect the correct date format automatically).
  • [+] The word count feature works now for the whole document as well as for the selected text
  • [+] Print "AM-Notebook Today"
  • [+] Toolbar button for font styles
  • [+] Unused font styles are no longer displayed in menus
  • [+] Export spreadsheet to HTML: merged cells supported
  • [+] Diagrams: Inserting an object into a diagram automatically requests the input of a description. This makes creating new diagrams much faster and more comfortable
  • [x] Smaller improvements to the Reminder window
  • [x] Export notes to HTML files: Images that were pasted from the clipboard were exported without a file extension. Now the correct file extension is used.
  • [x] Clips: Improved navigation
  • [x] LWA: Improved navigation
  • [x] Improved detection if todo/planner/address files are damaged to avoid data loss
  • [-] Diagram/Flowchart files were not included in backups (Tools+Backup/Restore)
  • Many smaller improvements, changes and fixes

Version 6.1  (08-Sep-2010)

  • [+] Word Count ("Tools" menu)
  • [+] Automatically convert *.txt files in the "notes" folder to new notes (when starting AM-Notebook)
  • [-] Some conflicts with multi monitor setups fixed
  • [-] AM-Notebook could crash on systems where no printer was installed
  • [-] AM-Notebook could crash when changing folders in the tab "Local Website Archive"
  • [-] If "View+Always on top" was active, then sub windows (eg. "New Alarm") were displayed behind the main window and AM-Notebook was no longer responsive
  • [x] Setup: It's no longer possible to install the portable edition over the desktop edition or vice versa
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 6.0   (06-Apr-2010)

PRO only
  • [+] New note type "Diagram" to paint diagrams and flowcharts
  • [+] Calendar: Yearly Tasks (PRO edition only)
PRO + Lite
  • [+] Full Unicode support in all program modules
  • [x] Improved font selection
  • [x] Improved Paste behavior from Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • [x] Close button is now placed on tabs
  • [x] The commands "Rename", "Encrypt", "Remove encryption" and "Delete" in the File menu were used for the selected note in the note tree. They are now applied to the note of the currently selected tab.
  • [x] Length of bookmark names increased from 50 to 200 characters
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Custom cell font
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Custom cell background color
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Reintroduced: Cells with formulas have a separate color (optional)
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cells with URLs are automatically highlighted and can be opened via context menu
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Add Links to other notes
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Automatically grow when pasting cells from clipboard
  • [-] Spreadsheets: Bugfix in the DATEVALUE function
  • [+] Spreadsheets: If the last cell is selected, then pressing the tabulator key inserts a new row
  • [+] Spreadsheets: AM-Notebook remembers and selects the last selected cell and scroll position
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Sort via header double click
  • [+] Calendar: Entered birthdays (addresses) are displayed in the Calendar module
  • [+] Calendar: Entered due dates (TODOs) are displayed in the Calendar module
  • [+] Calendar: The month/year view automatically adjusts its height to ensure that all items are displayed (the "..." icon for more items is no longer displayed now).
  • [x] Calendar: Improved month calendar on the left side (shows eg. yearly tasks, task hints)
  • [+] Custom folder for saving configurations and notes via nbcommon.ini (see help file for more details)
  • [+] Tweak: CalendarWeekStartDay=
  • [-] Opening a note after a global search ignored the locked tab status
  • [-] Crash when AutoBackup folder could not be found or created
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 5.1.1  (08-May-2009)

  • Some problems when exporting notes/spreadsheets fixed
  • Smaller tweaks and fixes

Version 5.1.0  (06-Apr-2009)

PRO only
  • [+] Integration of Local Website Archive
  • [+] Tab Locking
  • [+] Dialog "Notes by date" (Ctrl+F5) has a search field. It's now possible to quickly open new notes with just a few keystrokes.
  • [+] New option: Always open notes in new tabs
  • [+] Preview BAK files before restoring
PRO + Lite
  • [+] Unicode support for Notes and Spreadsheets
  • [+] Spreadsheet component was replaced with a much more powerful component
  • [+] Spreadsheets: More Excel® style formulas and functions
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cell merging
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cell formatting
  • [+] Print Spreadsheets: Shrink to page width/height
  • [+] AM-Notebook has now an integrated spelling checker and is no longer dependent from external third party spelling systems
  • [+] Full spelling checker support in the portable version
  • [+] Live spelling: context menu can add words to dictionary or ignore all occurrences of a word
  • [+] All images (bitmaps) in a note are now converted to PNG format internally, this can dramatically reduce the file size of notes
  • [+] Pasting text with images from web browsers supported
  • [+] Pasting text with links from web browsers inserts links correctly
  • [+] Tab width is automatically adjusted to keep all tabs in view
  • [+] Tab hints
  • [+] Links to other files (Ctrl+F7) are now inserted with relative drive letter and should work without problems on USB sticks
  • [+] Shortcuts for decrease/increase left indent: Ctrl+Alt+, and Ctrl+Alt+.
  • [+] TODO: "Note" field supports addresses to local files (file://...)
  • [+] Notes: Word Wrap (Edit menu)
  • [+] Add new TODOs via the Input bar: Cursor Up/Down in the Subject field changes the Priority
  • [+] Note component updated to latest version (not sure if this fixes or improves something)
  • [+] German help file added
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 5.0.2  (05-May-2008)

  • [+] Add tasks via double click
  • [-] "AM-Notebook Today" could use a wrong encoding for non-english characters
  • [-] Calendar: Increasing time could crash AM-Notebook
  • [-] Some incompatibilities with global hotkey fixed
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

Version 5.0.1  (08-Apr-2008)

  • [x] Improved detection and usage of system default font (especially under Vista with classic theme)
  • [x] Internal improvements: more reliable save operations
  • [-] Notes: Some features didn't work when a note was opened in read-only state
  • [-] The Freeware version of AM-Notebook could crash when inserting a new note
  • [+] Program configuration + Tweak: Define how many bak files should be created for notes (more info see Tweak section in help file)
  • [-] bak files weren't created for spreadsheets
  • [-] TODO: Assign Group via context menu didn't assign the group color correctly
  • Smaller fixes

Version 5.0  (25-Mar-2008)

  • [+] TODO list functionality
  • [+] Planner functionality
  • [x] Contacts moved to main window
  • [+] Contacts: Birthdays + Birthday reminder
  • [+] Contacts can be printed
  • [+] "AM-Notebook Today" for TODOs, tasks and birthdays
  • [+] Smart reminder for TODOs, tasks and birthdays
  • [+] Global Hotkey to restore/show AM-Notebook (can be defined in the program configuration)
  • [+] Export all notes
  • [+] Export note: Filename is suggested
  • [+] Auto-Backup functionality
  • [+] Note tree: Each folder/note can have a user defined color
  • [+] Note tree option: Collapse all folders at startup (if you don't want to remember folder expand status)
  • [-] Copy to clipboard didn't work for notes with read-only status
  • [-] Window size and position was not saved when AM-Notebook was minimized
  • [-] Note could be opened falsely when expanding/collapsing a folder
  • Many smaller changes and improvements

Version 4.1.3  (25-Sep-2007)

  • [+] Global Search has "All words" and "At least one word" option
  • [+] Shortcuts: Shift+Ins, Shift+Del and Ctrl+Ins supported (Notes and Spreadsheets)
  • [x] Shortcut change: Insert new table row: Ctrl+Shift+Ins
  • [x] Order of toolbar buttons "Increase/Decrease left indent" changed
  • [x] Portable mode improved
  • [x] Addresses are now saved in XML format
  • [-] Browser tabs weren't displayed correctly under WinXP x64
  • [-] AM-Notebook could crash when renaming a tab group under certain circumstances
  • [-] Spreadsheets were not displayed correctly on some Non-English Windows versions
  • Minor tweaks

Version 4.1.2  (28-Jun-2007)

  • [x] Backup system more resistant against conflicts with virus tools or desktop search engines
  • [-] Notes: Double clicking URLs in table cells didn't work
  • [-] Notes: If the "double click opens URL" is enabled, then the option "Ask before opening URL" will be disabled automatically to prevent un-resolvable conflicts
  • [-] Notes: Right click+Open URL didn't work for URLs within table cells

Version 4.1.1  (17-Apr-2007)

  • [+] Notes: Live spelling
  • [+] New option for notes: Double click opens URL (instead of Ctrl+Click)
  • [+] New toolbar button: New Alarm
  • [x] Notes: Inserting new rows/columns in tables selects the font of the previously focused cell (and no longer Arial)
  • [+] Configure Tools: File type can be changed to *.*
  • [+] Alarm window: window is now sizable and the column widths are remembered
  • [+] Alarm window can be closed with ESC
  • [x] Several Vista related improvements
  • Smaller fixes

Version 4.1.0  (08-Feb-2007)

  • [+] Windows Vista: Flip3D, thumbnail preview and correct animations supported
  • [+] Windows Vista: Use "Segoe UI" as default font
  • [x] Windows Vista: Several user interface tweaks for Vista support
  • [-] Windows Vista: Several controls could disappear when the ALT key was pressed
  • [+] Insert table into note: AM-Notebook remembers table dimensions
  • [+] Insert table into note: Use active font (instead of Arial)
  • [+] If AM-Notebook is already running, then launching AM-Notebook brings the already running instance into foreground
  • [+] Program configuration: More options for tray bar handling
  • [+] Links to local directories supported (for example file://c:/Windows)
  • [-] Printer setup: Configured margins were not saved correctly
  • [-] Print notes: Background was printed under certain circumstances
  • [x] Improved handling when restoring notes from backup files
  • [x] Drag-and-drop a note automatically scrolls the note tree when when moving outside the visible area
  • [+] Uninstall can optionally remove program configuration and/or notes
  • [x] Uninstaller improved
  • [-] Some compatibility problems fixed (AM-Notebook couldn't be started on certain systems)
  • Minor tweaks

Version 4.0.5  (07-Nov-2006)

  • [x] Optimized: Note files are smaller now (the size could grow a lot in previous versions)
  • [x] Smarter note changing when the ruler isn't displayed
  • [-] Some hidden toolbar buttons could be reverted to visible under certain circumstances

Version 4.0.4  (18-Oct-2006)

  • [+] AM-Notebook opens notes as read-only if they are currently opened by other users in a network (so you have always access to the content of locked notes)
  • [+] New option: Display message if a note is opened by another user
  • [+] New command line parameter: /note="..." to open a specified note (see help file for more information)
  • [+] New command line parameter: /notedir="..." to open an alternative note location (see help file for more information)
  • [+] Spreadsheets / Print Preview: Preview higher page numbers (previous versions could only preview the first page)
  • [+] Spreadsheets / Print Preview: Can toggle between Portrait/Landscape
  • [+] Print Preview remembers Maximized state and is opened in maximized state initially
  • [-] Notes with german umlauts or other special characters were not sorted correctly in the notes tree
  • [-] Alarm clock: Alarm time was changed under certain circumstances when editing the alarm text
  • [-] Install on a removable drive no longer asks for each file if it should be overwritten
  • Italian and Swedish translation updated
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.0.3  (28-Jun-2006)

  • [-] Pasting a cell into a spreadsheet could fill all cells underneath under certain circumstances

Version 4.0.2  (27-Jun-2006)

  • [+] Spreadsheets: Select multiple cells supported
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cell borders
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Find / Find next
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Replace
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Editing a cell can be aborted with the ESC key
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Copy/Paste take care of entered formulas and converts cell references relatively
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Context menu + Copy text (no formulas)
  • [x] Spreadsheets / Formulas: The "," character can also be used as comma in numbers
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Automatic URL highlighting, URLs can be opened via the context menu
  • [x] Notes: Insert table has better default values for tables
  • [+] Notes: Explicit commands to define table borders (main menu + Table)
  • [+] Global Search in Spreadsheets: Jump to the first found cell
  • [x] Dialog "Notes by date" improved
  • [+] New option: Close all notes when minimizing
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.0.1  (22-May-2006)

  • [+] Additional option for each folder location: Release opened notes for other users in a network when moving AM-Notebook to tray (should only be used for network drives, restoring AM-Notebook takes a bit longer with that option)
  • [+] File menu / Notes by date: Lists notes by modified date and lets you open selected notes (useful to check notes changed by other users in a network)
  • [x] Close password protected notes when minimizing AM-Notebook: Tab is closed as well
  • [x] Encrypted notes are no longer reopened automatically
  • [x] Insert table into note: Improved pre-definitions of table borders
  • [-] SpreadSheets: Inserting new lines/columns didn't update formulas correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] SpreadSheets: Ctrl+A caused a crash
  • [-] SpreadSheets: "Right click+Insert new line" didn't work
  • [-] Styles could not be renamed in the program configuration
  • [x] Improved handling of links to external files (external files could not be opened under certain circumstances)
  • [-] Ruler was displayed for spreadsheets under certain circumstances
  • [-] Portable version no longer creates an AutoStart entry on the host computer
  • [-] "Ruler in cm/inch" setting wasn't saved between sessions
  • New/Updated language files: arabic, chinese-big5, danish, italian, portuguese-br

Version 4.0  (26-April-2006)

AM-Notebook 4.0 has been released.

This major update comes with many new formatting features, table support, formula based spreadsheets, multi-tab support, clips, predefined styles and much more.

AM-Notebook is still available as a Freeware Version and a Pro Edition, registered customers can upgrade to version 4.0 for free.

Before you install this version, it's highly recommended to backup your existing notes.
Starting with v4.0 Beta-2, your notes are converted into a new format, so the first start can take a while, but each further start should be faster than in previous versions.

Changes between Version 4.0 Beta-6 and 4.0 Final
  • [+] Address book can be closed with the ESC key
  • [+] Default dialog font is now Tahoma, works also with Clear Type
  • [+] Add link to other note: *.* supported to add links to other files as well (for example .doc files, .zip files, etc.)
  • Some language files updated
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-6
  • [-] Default font for notes was not saved correctly (font of predefined style#1 was saved instead)
  • [-] Some stability issues fixed
  • Minor tweaks
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-5
  • [+] "Highlight all URLs" is now also available in the context menu
  • [+] Shortcut for "Highlight all URLs" - Ctrl+Shift+H
  • [-] "Highlight all URLs" no longer changes the cursor position
  • [+] Shortcut for "Numbering" - Ctrl+Shift+L
  • [+] Buttons for text formatting are checked on-the-fly from the selected text
  • [+] Alarm-Window can be started via the TrayIcon context menu
  • [+] Address-Book can be started via the TrayIcon context menu (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Externally configured tools can be started via the TrayIcon context menu (PRO Edition only)
  • [x] Default font and styles no longer change the character set
  • Bugfixes
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-4
  • [+] AM-Notebook can be used on a Removable Drive or USB-Stick (see help file for detailed information)
  • [+] Clips/Templates (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Save/Open all opened tabs as group (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Global Search supports now "Whole Words" option (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] User-Interface of Global Search rewritten (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Folders can now be moved via Drag&Drop (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Export notes to RTF and HTML format (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Send note by email (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] New Toolbar button: Goto Bookmark (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] (Hyper-) Links can be opened via the content menu
  • [+] Insert + Select Date
  • [+] Notes: Bookmarks are now also available in the context menu (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Program configuration: Permanent settings for Linebreak-On-Window and Linebreak-On-Printer (this setting can temporarily be changed in the View menu until a new note is opened)
  • [+] AM-Notebook shows an extra Info-Bar when an alternative folder location is active
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Left/Topmost cell shows the name of the selected cell
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Right click a cell selects the cell before the popup menu is displayed
  • [+] Backup: An existing backup file can only be overwritten, if it is a valid backup file of the currently opened folder location, otherwise you will get an error message and you have to change the name of the backup file. AM-Notebook will not overwrite any other zip file.
  • [-] Restore didn't work correctly for alternative folder locations
  • [-] Empty folders could not be deleted (PRO Edition only)
  • [x] Improved detection if languages for the spelling check are not correctly configured or selected (AM-Notebook could crash under certain circumstances)
  • Smaller bugs fixed
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-3
  • [+] Bookmarks within notes. Use Ctrl+Shift+M to set bookmarks, and Ctrl+M to go to bookmarks (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Ability to set three quick bookmarks within a note with Ctrl+Shift+0/9/8, goto these bookmarks with Ctrl+0/9/8 (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Ruler can optionally be displayed in inch or centimeter
  • [-] Jumping to favorite notes with F12/Ctrl+F12/Ctrl+Shift+F12 didn't save changed notes
  • Smaller fixes
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-2
  • [+] Tabs supported
  • [+] Spell check
  • [+] Lots of new formatting features, for example Paragraph, Tabs, Text Alignments, Bullets and Numbering, etc.
  • [+] Ruler
  • [+] Show hidden characters
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Expressions supported, for example: "=B1+C5-D1" or "=C3*B5*10*ROUND(A1+A2)/(B1+5)" (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Spreadsheets: SUM and AVG functions supported, for example "=SUM(A7:B3)+SUM(D3:D8)" or "=AVG(B3:B7)" (PRO Edition only)
  • [+] Each Spreadsheet has a table header (extra header line which is also written to the printer)
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Merge all cells in a row
  • [+] AM-Notebook no longer uses the MS RichEdit control for notes, it works now independently from that control. Due to that change, some existing features had to be removed.
  • [+] Notes: Style support (Styles can be predefined in Options + Styles)
  • [+] Notes: Insert Symbol, Pagebreak and Horizontal Line
  • [+] Tables within notes supported
  • [+] Toolbar can be customized
  • [+] Print: Header/Footer line for notes
  • [+] Print Preview for notes
  • [+] Global-Search searches also in Spreadsheets
  • [x] Delete notes: notes are now deleted to an internal trash (path see helpfile)
  • [-] Spreadsheets: "=rowsum" and "=colsum" were wrongly named. "=colsum" sums now all values in a single column, and "=rowsum" sums all values in a single row (see also help file)
  • Lots of smaller additions, improvements and changes
Changes in Version 4.0 Beta-1
  • [+] Spreadsheets ("File + New Spreadsheet")
  • [+] MultiUser-Support (notes and configurations are stored in user folders)
  • [+] AM-Notebook supports different note locations (can be configured in the Options menu)
  • [+] AM-Notebook can share notes in a network
  • [+] New Backup system to backup notes and/or program configuration
  • [+] Backups can be restored
  • [+] New toolbar icons
  • [x] A warning message is displayed when a note or a folder could not be renamed
  • [x] A warning message is displayed when a note could not be saved (eg. because of missing write permission)
  • [-] A note could not be changed after pasting (protected) content from Outlook
  • Some features which have been forgotten to write down ;)
  • Many smaller improvements and fixes

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