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Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 2019 (19.2)   -   14-Mar-2019
  • [+] The check technology "Chromium/Browser" uses the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] External Browser Tabs with Chromim as browser engine use the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More types of links supported
  • [x] Send RSS feeds by e-mail: The "full" and "headlines" buttons are no longer displayed
  • [x] Twitter: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Chromium: Persist sessions cookies between checks (makes it easier to remember logins or confirmed cookie messages)
  • [x] Improvements to avoid conflicts with Virus Scanner for Chromium related modules
  • [x] Smaller improvements when checking PDF files with the technology "Chromium / Browser"
  • [-] Certain RSS feeds could display the status that no articles are available (the feeds were however monitored correctly)
  • [-] Minor optical fixes when using Windows with classic theme
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2019 (19.1)   -   14-Feb-2019
  • [+] External Browser Tabs
  • [+] Use Chromium as browser engine when opening web pages (via External Browser Tabs)
  • [+] AutoWatch: New option "Automatic check interval"
  • [x] Facebook: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Check technology "Chromium/Browser" improved
  • [-] The bookmark action "Export page" was broken when the bookmark was checked by screenshot
  • [x] Send e-mails in HTML format with disabled CSS definitions improved
  • [x] Internal browser: Opening page in the TEXT tab improved (certain pages could cause problems or crashes under rare circumstances)
  • [-] Filter Assistant: WSW could crash under rare circumstances when the page was opened in the TEXT tab
  • [x] Phone Mode: Smaller improvements
  • [x] Improvements when running multiple instances
  • [+] New program tweak: ConvertRssTitleLength=NNN (Length of the article titles when WebSite-Watcher converts Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages to RSS feeds. Can be a number between 30 and 200, default value is 40.)
  • [x] Chromium updated to version 72
  • [x] Dutch translation updated
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2019 (19.0)   -   17-Jan-2019
  • [+] New check technology: Chromium/Browser - This technology opens a hidden Chromium based browser window to check a bookmark. If the other check technologies fail, chances are high that the page can be checked with this new method. (Please note that this new technique requires Windows 7 64 bit or higher. It is not available on Windows XP or 32 bit systems).
  • [+] Check-by-Screenshot: Area can be selected interactively with the mouse. This makes it super easy to select the area you want to monitor.
  • [x] Check-by-Screenshot method improved
  • [+] Facebook Groups can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [x] Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Huge performance improvements when monitoring and processing larger web pages. This improvement also affect smaller pages but is less noticeable.
  • [x] Performance when creating Dropbox cache files for the WebSite-Watcher App significantly improved
  • [+] New option "Prompt before stopping AutoWatch". This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in "Program configuration + Advanced + Messages".
  • [x] Improved detection of IFRAMES when using the check technology "Internet Explorer/Browser"
  • [x] Improved handling of IFRAMES
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option to extract link URLs
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option to extract image URLs
  • [x] Bookmark properties + Convert to simple HTML version: WebSite-Watcher tries to keep tables
  • [x] Improved support for images which are loaded dynamically when opening a page
  • [x] If PDF files could not be accessed with the default checking method, chances are high that they work with the Chromium method
  • [x] Bookmarks which are checked with the screenshot method are sent correctly to the Website-Watcher App
  • [x] Internal improvements when sending e-mails
  • [--] AutoWatch: the option "Automatic time configuration" has been removed. If you have used this option, then you probably you have to re-define the check interval.
  • [--] Manual check time settings: the option "Automatic time configuration" has been removed.
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2018 (18.3)   -   16-Oct-2018
  • [+] Facebook pages can be checked via RSS feeds. This option is turned on for all new facebook pages. To monitor the real page, open the bookmark properties and turn off the option "Convert page to RSS".
  • [+] Twitter pages can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [+] Instagram pages can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [+] Update on Keywords - New option "Save page even if no keywords found": This new option replaces the global program tweak "SavePageWhenNoKeywordsFound" and can now be configured per bookmark. Detailed description see help file. That option is turned off by default, if you have used the tweak "SavePageWhenNoKeywordsFound" then you have to enable that option individually as needed.
  • [+] Record Internet Explorer Macros - New option "Ignore document CSS definitions": You can try that option if certain steps cannot be recorded properly, for example selecting a line in a drop-down-box
  • [+] Action Send e-mail: New subject line variable {changes50a} - same as {changes50} but removes the text "NEW ITEMS(n):" from RSS feeds
  • [+] Action Send e-mail: New subject line variable {changes50b} - same as {changes50} but removes the text "NEW ITEMS" from RSS feeds while keeping the number of new items
  • [x] RSS feeds: Enhanced detection of the author field
  • [+] CSS based filters work in combination with the "section" tag
  • [x] Improved handling of errors in RSS/Atom feeds
  • [x] Send e-mails: Improved error detection and reporting when e-mails cannot be sent
  • [x] "Internet Explorer/Browser": Option to scroll pages down improved
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher App: The Phone-Mode is no longer required to get notifications on your smartphone
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher App: WebSite-Watcher reports error messages (eg. E-Mails could not be sent) to the WebSite-Watcher App
  • [+] New program tweak: BookmarkPropertiesDefaultButton=check - Sets the "Check Now" button in the bookmark properties as default button. This is the button that is used when closing the bookmark properties with the Enter key.
  • [+] The bookmark action "Export page" works in combination with the check-by-screenshot method (a png image will be exported)
  • [+] Report/Export: Export fields are correctly encoded if the target file is a JSON file
  • [+] Advanced connection rules: Table can be sorted by column
  • [-] View + Statistics: The number of checks was reset to zero when a check reported an error
  • Many smaller improvements and optimizations

Version 2018 (18.2)   -   23-May-2018
  • [-] Checking text files was broken in the 64bit version of WebSite-Watcher 18.1

Version 2018 (18.1)   -   22-May-2018
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA parameter from HTML tags: Works generically for all data-* parameters
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option "Extract image title"
  • [+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It's possible to pre-define the "Open bookmark" configurations
  • [+] Plugins: New built-in functions for string comparison: StrCmp and StrICmp
  • [+] Keywords window: New function to find keywords
  • [+] sitemap.xml files supported, can also be used in combination with Follow-Links. (Read more at
  • [x] Advanced connection rules could cause problems on some Windows Server systems
  • [+] CSS based filters work in combination with the "article" tag
  • [x] Bookmark checks: Improved detection and handling of redirections
  • [+] Bookmark action "Export page": Exporting to text format will include bookmark name and URL
  • [+] Export bookmarks to Excel: New fields {last_change_date} and {last_check_date}
  • [-] Root folder properties were not saved correctly under certain circumstances
  • [+] Phone bookmarks: It's possible to edit 5 bookmark lists (requires the WSW App 2018.2)
  • [x] Plugins: Function "GetComparisonInfo" improved
  • Smaller fixes and optimizations

Version 2018 (18.0)   -   09-Jan-2018
  • [+] "Phone Mode" - Read changed bookmarks on your Smartphone with our new WebSite-Watcher app. All features that are required to read the bookmarks on your phone are also available in the Freeware Version of the app.
  • [+] PDF plugins: pdftotext.exe is now deployed with WebSite-Watcher and must no longer be installed separately. So all PDF plugins can now be used without further configurations.
  • [x] PDF plugins are now compatible with the latest version of pdftotext.exe
  • [x] Repair database rewritten, is more robust against errors now.
  • [x] Program tweak HighlightChangesExactHigh=1 improved, works more precisely now.
  • [+] Add URL from Firefox: New technique to grab URL from opened page. Works also with Firefox 57+ and 32/64bit versions.
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA param from HTML tags: Extracts the text content from various HTML tag parameters and inserts it into the page. For example text content from ALT, TITLE or DATA-CONTENT parameters. This lets you monitor content that you typically see after moving the mouse over certain elements.
  • [x] Special filter "Sort words" improved
  • [x] Add URL from browser improved when WSW is not running.
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved, supports more type of logins
  • [x] CSS filters improved
  • [x] WSW checks if a database is read-only to avoid database problems
  • [x] Improved detection if another tool blocks the WebSite-Watcher bookmark database
  • [x] Advanced connection rules: Max time between connection rules increased to 600 seconds
  • [x] Improved: decoding certain characters
  • [x] Improved conversion of Excel files
  • [x] Improved RSS feed filtering
  • [x] Improved handling of dual monitor setups
  • [-] Advanced connection rules could consume high CPU under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

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